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42017 Novellara (RE) Italy

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Via A. Marie Ampere, 5

42017 Novellara (RE), Italy

+39 338 94 57 275

Network Precisionet

Precisionet is a network of businesses founded in 2012 by several companies operating out of the Italian motor valley

Precisionet offers the industrial market and customers an entire chain of tier-2 suppliers in precision mechanical components, metal fabrication, hardware electronics and software, with mounting and assembly of semi-finished products.

We operate as a one-stop-shop that offers a complete supply chain, i.e. multiple work processes and services, including raw material procurement, management, analysis, and auditing of tier-2 suppliers, management of heat treatments and finish/protective surface treatments, transformation of intermediates into complex products, into high precision mechanical parts, into heavy fabricated structures; study, development and, programming of smart electronic components, traceability of each product, mounting, assembly and functional testing of semi-finished products, special and dedicated packaging, Kanban, JIT, or tailored consignment management in accordance with requests.



Product concept
Requisites collection
Feasibility/industrialisation studies
Tests and quality control
Surface treatments


6 production


172 active


55 million

euro turnover in last financial year

202 employees

in network

1 certifications



shared know-how transmitted to the Network

in real time


Through our network, we would like to introduce a different form, an alternative to the market and businesses, an archetype whereby coordination is ensured and an identity based on the mutual cooperation of the players involved is created, as well as on trust when it comes to contracts, skills and motivations.

Not only the network but also business units strive for versatility when it comes to changing the corporate structure from time to time when needed. Within the network, the knowledge acquired by each business unit must be disseminated in real time to all other units in order to develop shared expertise and problem solving skills.

The products and services in the supply chain will be custom-designed and aimed at ensuring immediate customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way. In the near future, customers will be directly involved in designing a product that will meet their exact requirements.


Our companies have set up reciprocal strategic relations in order to become a single reference interface, a specialised, reliable partner for the entire tier-2 supply chain in precision machining, electronics hardware and software, and in metal fabrication. The chain offers products and services that are highly professional and innovative, and therefore competitive and attractive to new markets. Each company in the Network constantly implements built-in flexibility to assume efficient operative and strategic behaviours for the entire network system.

The individual companies share some basic rules that ensure success of the network's activities. These include a common language, rules of conduct, planning and control systems, design and innovation systems, incentive systems

Precisionet strives to be:

1- customer oriented to guarantee a high level of engagement between customer and supplier;

2- time based: fast responses because the time factor is strategic in order to create a competitive advantage;

3- flexible structure and production by means of outsourcing, JIT systems, lean production, and plant layouts;

4- value driven: guided by value means not simply adding value but also stimulating customers to create it independently;

5- knowledge based, continuously integrating our legacy of know-how.



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