Precision mechanical engineering

Precisionet produces high precision complex mechanical components for numerous industrial sectors thanks to its large installed base of high-tech machines and vast range of processes and treatments. Process organisation and industrialisation allow the flexibility needed to supply large, medium and small series, prototypes and samples.


From the product concept to the technical requisites, feasibility study to analyse fitness for purpose, reliability, speed of assembly, technologies, checks and packaging, to reduce costs and boost competitiveness.


Lapping of inside diameters from 3 to 40mm.


Grinding of inside and outside diameters from 2 to 250mm, centreless from 2 to 40mm, CNC grinding of complex shapes. Extreme precision and micron tolerances, simultaneous multiple machining operations of interior surfaces, fillets, outside diameter bevels, grinding of shapes and materials including ceramic and bronze.

Precision turning

Turning for various types of work processes: CNC sliding headstock lathes with bar passage from 3mm to 32mm.

Finishing treatments

The complete supply chain includes heat treatments and finishing and protective treatments such as brushing, polishing, tumble finishing, micro peening and ultrasonic cleaning. We handle assembly operations and design packaging for specific requirements.

Technological partners

Morara, Monzesi, Ghiringhelli, Lizzini, Ci-Di, Nakamura, Mori, Seiki, Mazak, Citizen, Gildemeister, Studer, Adige BGS, Trumpf, ABB, Doosan.

Turning for transmissions, gear reducers and CV joints

NC turning of all types of cast iron and stainless steel procured directly from foundries; inside thread checking with helical interpolation.


Surface finishing performed with indexable tools to prepare holes with very high precision; impeccable surface finishes and tight dimensional tolerances thanks to the feed speed employed. Volumetric pump for material transport.

Struts and axles assemblies

Integrated assembly systems for struts for dead axles and steering axles; Ball joints for steering axles; Right angle gearboxes; Rolled seats; Composite casings chassis for lift hoists; Medium live tool turning operations; Crane slewing units; Supports for forklift trucks.

Market segments

of our components

  • Power transmissions
  • Hydraulics
  • Agricultural and earthmoving machinery vehicles and components
  • Automotive components
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Food, beverage and packaging
  • Goods vehicles and cranes
  • Medical
  • Machine tools
  • Energy and lighting

Destinations for high-tech markets:


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