Via A. Marie Ampere 5

42017 Novellara (RE) Italy

+39 338 94 57 275

Via A. Marie Ampere, 5

42017 Novellara (RE), Italy

+39 338 94 57 275

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We are based in the Italian Motor and Hydraulic valley

Motor valley

Emilia Romagna has 4 million residents and around 400,000 companies! It is the region of all the top sports car and racing motorcycle marques: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, Dallara, Pagani, Tazzari EV, De Tomaso

Our motor valley has produced a diffused legacy of technology, research, hand crafted and industrial manufacturing. It's hardly a matter of chance that the main production in the region is that of cars and motorcycles. 55.7% manufacture cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, tractors, buses and coaches.

The remaining 44.3% are engaged in the production of motorcycles. Among them, 20.2% manufacture motorcycles and L category powered light vehicles (including engines), 2% make exclusively engines while the remaining 22.3% manufacture motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, bicycles with an auxiliary motor and side-cars.

Inevitably, the many motor vehicle factories have created an equally important group of upstream and downstream industries recognised on the international level in the sectors of hydraulics, electronics, and plastics, etc. These related industries include Precisionet Network, whose member companies have grown up in a climate of efficiency, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The map below shows the Hydraulics Valley.

Hydraulics valley

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