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Companies are stronger when they can work together

<<We are currently promoting a new network contract between one of our associated companies and another business in Bergamo”. This is just the latest result achieved in recent years by the Unindustria Company Networks help desk, which helps its members to enter into collaboration agreements between companies with a network contract.

It's an alternative business model that leaves a measure of subjective independence to each company in the network, as explained by Unindustria's Davide Bezzecchi: “Network contracts were launched in Italy in 2009 and our desk started operating in 2012”. Bezzecchi explains “they allow SMEs to collaborate and gain the critical size necessary to handle certain types of projects, such as foreign contracts, innovation projects, or to join resources to provide potential customers with a more comprehensive offering”. In Italy 7,600 contracts have been drawn up since 2009 with more than 42,000 companies involved, of which 2,500 based in Emilia-Romagna.

Dozens of companies also in the province of Reggio Emilia. One example is the Precisionet contract, a network of tier-2 suppliers in the mechanical engineering and electronics sector, made up of RFC Rettifica Corghi, Nuova Loschi, Minuvit, Teknoema and Lmb. There's also the contract between Ask, Landi Renzo and Spal, known as “The Reggio Emilia Automotive purchase net”, once again set up with the support of Unindustria, and also Ideagri (Isobus Digital Electronic Agriculture), which initially included nine companies operating in the agricultural machinery sector, of which eight from Reggio Emilia. The companies in question are Actia Italia, Ama, Arag, Argo Tractors, Cobo, Comer Industries, Re:Lab, Salvarani, Walvoil. In the words of Bezzecchi “Companies start working together without incorporation, so each retains its independence. But Unindustria's idea is all about working together to increase the opportunities of our companies to compete by collaborating and growing together».

By Enrico Tidona, Gazzetta di Reggio, 23 March 2022

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