Precisionet companies

  • Teknoema srl
  • Nuova Loschi srl
  • LMB srl
  • Minuvit sas
  • RFC Rettifica Corghi srl
  • Ceta spa
Teknoema srl

Electronic circuit boards

Rubiera (RE), via Rimini, n. 17/19, 42048 - Italy

Since 1981

2.000 m2

Design and production of circuit boards and complete electronic devices in co-engineering or to customer specifications with customised industrial productions and applications in the sectors of electronic diagnostics, self-diagnostics and emissions testing, automotive, automation, biomedical, measuring instruments and energy management, sound systems, home alarm systems, audio-video ambient surveillance systems, advertising display and promotion systems, lighting solutions. Assembly of circuit boards with THD and SMT technology; assembly of instruments and equipment. Testing with automatic optical systems (VSS), with mobile sensor and bed of nails sensor SPEA systems, testing with dedicated jigs and issue of certificates of conformity. Programming and customisation of dedicated software; technical design support; design and construction of automatic testing hardware for series productions; rapid series boards sampling service; procurement of electronic components; LIFO and FIFO inventory management. After-sales service.

Nuova Loschi srl

Precision mechanical engineering

• Novellara (RE), via Marco Polo, 9/11, 42017 - Italy

Since 1956

• 3.500 m2

The company is specialised in machining operations for the agricultural machinery sector.

It is equipped with conventional machine tools, medium size vertical lathes with live tooling, mutipallet machining centres that provide flexibility and quality with free-pass processes in sectors for which it produces transmissions, gear units, and CV joints for multinational agricultural and earthmoving machinery manufacturers. In-house design and production of specific equipment and tools. Nearly seventy years of operations with UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 2003.

LMB srl

Turning, grinding and lapping

• Cadelbosco di sopra (RE), via L. Ariosto, 4/4, 42023 - Italy

• Since 1998

• 1500 m2

Construction of small mechanical parts, especially for the hydraulic sector, specialisation in turning operations from bar stock and grinding. Fixed head turning with Nakamura-Tome CNC bar lathe up to 65mm diameter; turning on Citizen CNC sliding headstock lathe up to 32mm in diameter, centreless grinding with Rossi-Monza grinders; cylindrical grinding on centres with Rastelli CNC grinders and Schaudt grinders.

Minuvit sas

Turning and Milling for small mechanical parts

• Campagnola Emilia (RE), via S. Allende, 3, 42012, Italy

Since 1969

• 750 m2

Production of hydraulic components turned from bar stock, with heat treatments, surface treatments, grinding and preassembly in kit form on request. Latest generation technology: automatic bar lathes, mainly CNC sliding headstock, fixed head and mechanical type, with bar passage from 6mm to 42mm. Production lots can be from samples up to 10,000 pieces and more. More than fifty years of experience in the field of turned small metal parts with high quality standards, competitive prices and compliance with delivery dates. The main raw materials are certified and always held in stock. The lean and flexible company structure makes it possible to fulfil urgent requests.

RFC Rettifica Corghi srl

Precision grinding operations

• Novellara (RE), Via Ampere, 5/11, 42017 - Italy

Since 1974

• 2.000 m2

Grinding of mechanical components for the hydraulic, automotive, agricultural, aeronautical and medical sectors. Provides grinding of outside diameters (2mm min., 250mm max) and threads, inside diameters (2.5mm min, 400mm max), grinding on centres of external shapes (e.g. polygons, eccentric elements, cams, etc.). Grinding on centreless machines and lapping of inside diameters, finishing processes including brushing, polishing and tumble finishing of ground parts, ultrasonic cleaning. Grinding of shaft centres. The main materials processed are steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, and bronze. Quality machining and advanced technologies such as anthropomorphic robots and measuring and checking systems in a climate controlled metrology room equipped with roundness tester, roughness tester, profilometer, outside measurement equipment, profiles projector, stereo microscopes, altimeters, and various pneumatic and electronic dimensional measuring systems. Production department with 35 machine tools, UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 2003 and ongoing investments in ERP systems.

Ceta spa

Light metal carpentry

• Bergamo (BG), Via Grumello, 47/49, 24127 - Italy

Since 1947

• 35.000 mq of which 15.000 mq covered

CETA is an excellent partner thanks to its high quality and safety standards.

Specialized in light metal carpentry. Besides the production and installation of steel scaffolding, grandstands for the sports and the entertainment sector, Ceta is also an expert manufacturer of ventilated facades. The company can count on a totally integrated production process, from the strict selection of the materials used, absolutely first choice, to the design and creation of the product (including all needed surface treatments). It is ISO 9001 certified.


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